Welcome to the *ο½₯゚✧*Craft Bar*ο½₯゚✧*

We offer DIY candle-making, DIY Charm bracelet and necklaces, Beadmaking, and watercoloring by page daily - just book your date and time, and we'll provide the rest!

See you at Relume. X

Crafty Details

The perfect activity for a creative and enjoyable morning, afternoon, or evening. Craft your own personalized candles with a variety of scents and toppings. It's a unique and fun experience, ideal for family fun, friend outings, or date night! Enjoy quality time while making a unique candle to take home!

Activity time: approximately 45 minutes to an hour.
One (1) booking: $25, includes one candle.

Our bead bar is unparalleled to any other (and may, in fact, be the only bead bar in the DMV). Choose from thousands of beads and multiple different types of strings to create your very own personalized friendship bracelet.

Booking includes one (1) bracelet or necklace. If you plan on making more than one, purchase multiple bookings at the time slot selected. If you happen to create more than anticipated at the store, you can always let an associate know and pay at the register in-store. Happy beading!

Activity time: approximately 30 minutes to an hour.
One (1) booking: $10, includes one bracelet OR one necklace.

I like it....Picasso. Is what all your friends will say when you take home your water coloring page that you did at Relume.

Bring your creativity and yourself. We'll provide the rest!

Eacha bookings is for one (1) watercolor page. If you plan on coloring more than one page, please make multiple bookings at the time slot you selected. If you happen to paint more than you were expecting in store, don't worry! Just let an associate know, and you can purchase more water color pages at the register in store.

Activity time: approximately 30 minutes to an hour.
One (1) booking: $5, includes one watercolor page

Relume charm bar- it's like pandora jewelry but actually cute. With a variety of options, you can create a bracelet or necklace that truly represents you and your interests. Perfect activity to do with a group of friends or come solo and make yourself something special.

Activity time: 30 - 45 minutes
One (1) booking: $25 includes chain for necklace/bracelet then 3-5 charms (charm prices varies)