Conifer Tree Riso Poster

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Know your neighbors! * A vibrant, 3 color, 11"x17" riso print with 12 different conifers, each numbered and identified * Printed in Kelly green, bright red, and sunflower yellow * Poster is created from a collection of drawings I've done from local PNW trees * Riso prints similar to screenprinting, some slight registration misalignments are normal. The trees are original graphite drawings from trees I have found around Seattle or in parks. * Ships flat in thick 100% post consumer recycled kraft envelope, 100% biodegradable packaging * Protect the print! Riso ink is a bit unique compared to traditional prints. The veggie ink never *fully* dries, some smudging is possible and UV light is its arc nemesis! Keep out of direct light to keep those bright colors. :)