Colorful Rainbow Kitty Sticker

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Rainbow Cat is a rare, mythical creature who only a few, chosen people have the privilege of seeing. They say she only has a chance of appearing after a heavy rainstorm. (But I’m not sure how accurate that is, because she showed up at my doorstep after I left out some tuna for the strays.) Apparently, if you get the chance to pet her it gives you good luck! Will you be one of the few to be visited by this enchanted creature?

✨ Includes one (1) vinyl sticker
✨ Sticker is roughly 2.5" x 3"
✨ Scratch resistant, weatherproof, and waterproof

Stickers are printed on Turtley Awesome premium vinyl with a permanent adhesive. Each one is coated with a protective laminate that makes them super durable & resistant to fading, scratching, tearing, and water. They can even be safely run through a dishwasher!💦