In Love/Out of The Closet DIY mini embroidery kit

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Happy PRIDE babes!
This is a crucial time in the fight for LGBTQ rights. We are continuously bombarded by an onslaught of hateful legislation threatening to take back the gains that we have fought so hard for. We deserve better. We deserve visibility, equality, and to love without fear that our rights are on the line.

This pattern is specifically designed so that the two hands could belong to anyone, because love is universal. It features only one stitch, making it the perfect project for beginners. You can find a guide to this pattern and more by typing this link in your search bar:

This kit comes with:
- DMC needle
- one skein of embroidery floss
- 2 pieces of cotton (one rainbow, one solid for backing)
- 1 patch printed on a Sulky stabilizer patch
- a 3" embroidery hoop
- a digital guide with instructions!

Note: be sure the save the bag! You can repurpose its ribbon to hang your piece.