DIY Candle in a Bag Instructions

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Please see below for the instructions to Relume Co's DIY Candle in a Bag Kit:

  1. Remove the old wax, wicks, and wick clips (a post about how to remove the old wax can be found on my Instagram page) 
  1. Use water and a measuring cup to determine how many ounces of wax your containers can fit. Number of ounces of wax in refill bag is labelled on the package.
  1. Clean the container with soap and warm water; dry thoroughly.
  1. Attach the wicks evenly across the surface of the container and attach with hot glue (ideal) or the wick stickers provide (if necessary).
    • For wooden wicks: attack the wick clip to the container then slide the piece of wood into the clip.
  1. Melt the bag of wax. PLEASE BE CAREFUL - THE WAX IS HOT.
    • In the microwave: Open wax bag and microwave for 4 minutes. Carefully remove and stir if wax is not fully melted, then return to microwave for 30 more seconds.
    • On the stove: open bag and place in pot of water. Heat on high until fully melted.
    1. Let the container sit for 30 minutes (or until reaches between 130 150 degrees F)
    1. Stir and pour melted wax into prepared container.
    1. Straighten the wick and allow the wax to cool completely.
    1. Trim your wick ½ inch above the candle’s surface.


    Note: Fragrance will be most potent if you wait 3 days before lighting the candle for the first time.


    We hope you enjoy!


    Please feel free to message us on Instagram with any questions.




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